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In every business or organisation communication is vital. Decisions are made
continuously, and the decision-making process and its effectiveness hinges on the
quality of communications. Also, in many cases the health of a company’s internal
climate can be directly linked to its quality and style of communications.

~ There are definite implications here for motivational well-being and the impact that
can have internally and externally. Many companies and organisations exist in
partial oblivion to the effects created by their communications culture, and many
wonder what has happened to their standing in their chosen market, having failed
to change and improve in our customer-conscious modern trading environment.

The style and quality of communication in an organisation is a reflection of its
sense of values, and that is what determines the culture of the company. Some
companies only value clear hard-and-fast realities in the form of bottom-line
figures, percentage target achievements, graphs, and other business statistics.
Many do not link the achievement of results to the motivational well-being of all
employees, and accordingly do not place enough emphasis on the value of
effective communication. The result can often be a work environment in which:-

frustration reigns
barriers are built
mistakes are frequent
misunderstandings occur often
clear understanding is not achieved
internal customer satisfaction is lacking
quality problems are rife
arguments linger
respect and trust levels are low

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