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In your leadership role within the company you have a responsibility for ensuring
that your team agrees action based on the clear and unambiguous communication
of goals and objectives. How well this is carried out will depend on your ability to
prepare and deliver.

Your credibility and performance will be enhanced when you :-
* Clarify your ideas before communicating.
* Decide the purpose of each communication.
* Consider the setting both physical and human whenever you
* Consult with others, if necessary, when planning
* Consider the needs and expectations of the receivers, and
adjust your tone of voice and expression.
* Put yourself in the receiver”s shoes and view your own
message from there.
* Highlight quality benefits to the company, department, and
* Make your communication process interactive by asking and
encouraging questions.
* Encourage a picture of the future showing where “today’s”
actions and decisions fit in to a wider plan.
* Support your communications with action.


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